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Path Experts come from across the globe, experts in their field, bringing extensive education and experience in their industry, all designed to provide you the best possible opportunity for career development. 

Path Expert Bernie Reifkind

Bernie Reifkind

CEO of  Premier Search Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

As an owner of multiple businesses, strategist, and over 20 years of career consulting to CEO’s, mid management and brand new college graduates, Bernie provides a unique insight into achieving career success, and is often quoted in blogs and podcasts about his expertise.

You can find him at:

Path Expert Cole Johnson

Cole Johnson

Self-Discovery and Mindset Mentor

Greater Minneapolis, MN

Through his years of direct consumer interaction, as well as his own personal journey in self-discovery, Cole has developed a keen knowledge and understanding in how to utilize the human experience to better embrace the epic battle between the head and the heart. He currently works as a self-discovery and mindset mentor, helping people find harmony between the demands of modern society and the desires and professional passions of the heart.

Path Expert Dean Kennedy

Dean Kennedy, MBA, CPHR

Career & Leadership Coach at Dean Kennedy Coaching

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dean Kennedy is a Success Coach who is passionate about unleashing the full potential of people and organizations. Dean has over 15 years’ experience developing people and driving organizational growth. He spent over a decade as a human resources leader gleaning valuable insights into how recruitment processes work, and how recruiters, HR leaders, hiring managers, and organizations make hiring and development decisions. Dean holds Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce degrees and is also a Chartered Professional in Human Resources.  Dean loves to help people create careers and lives they truly love, and he is excited to support you in your journey.  

Path Expert Dorcas Wambui

Dorcas Wambui, MA, PhD cnd

Founder of Diversity Leap International

Nairobi, Kenya

With a Bachelor's in Education and Master's in Gender and Development, Dorcas has spent years in the HR field working with companies to help develop and expand their policies and procedures to ensure inclusion for women in the workplace.  She also serves as a board chairperson for Career Mothers for Exclusive Breastfeeding and writes informative articles in her spare time.  She is currently pursuing her PhD.  She has a passion for helping others and brings a unique perspective on career issues around the globe.

Path Expert Meagan Boson

Meagan Boson, MBA

Founder of the Meagan Boson Firm

Atlanta, GA

Initially receiving her Bachelor's in Engineering, Meagan quickly realized that as much as she enjoyed engineering in the classroom setting, it lacked the human connection she desired. Her experience gave her a keen understanding to the importance of individuals finding enjoyment in their careers.  As a passion project she began helping people develop themselves in order to acquire job promotions and other desired positions.  Meagan would later go on to receive her MBA and change her career trajectory into business development and improvement.  She has recently launched the Meagan Boson Firm, an official program designed to help people gain their desired career advancement.  You can find out more about Meagan at

Path Expert Shannon Hanks

Shannon Hanks, MSBS, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist Candidate

Senior DOL TAP VETS Facilitator

Walters, OK

Shannon retired from the U.S. Army in 2015.  During his 22-years of military service and his own personal journey, Shannon learned how to use traumatic growth to overcome life experiences and is passionate about helping others realize their full potential. By combining his knowledge, skills, and abilities earned in both the Military and Mental Health field while pursuing his licensure as a Marital and Family Therapist, Shannon now spends his time guiding transitioning service members, military spouses, veterans, college students, and individuals to "Find their Purpose" and "Discover their Why". You can find him at:

Path Expert Thomas LeGrand

Thomas LeGrand

Outreach and Admissions Counselor/Wilderness Guide

Franklin, NC

Tommy is currently a job counselor for young adults helping them establish themselves professionally.  He also has many years of experience working in Wilderness Therapy, which is his passion, receiving a Bachelor's in Parks and Tourism.  His goal is to provide individuals suffering from extreme stress, coping mechanisms to help relax and refocus in any environment.  If you have any questions, or would like more information on Wilderness Therapy, you can reach Tommy at

Path Expert Hadeel Khattab

Hadeel Khattab, MSc HRM and Development, CHRM

Senior HR Consultant 

Hadeel Khattab is an HR Leader, passionate about helping individuals realize their potentials, driven by authentic leadership style while motivated by values, self-concept, emotions, and attitudes. She has more than 10-year experience in Strategic and Operational HR in various industries within ME and North America, focused on achieving strategic change to organizations and people to enhance role perception and abilities.

Hadeel is an ENTJ personality type according to Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Having said this, she is open to change and motivated to pursue creative ways through adapting facts and scenarios to create meanings and stimulates others to embrace change positively.

Path Expert Jimmy White

Jimmy White IV

Operations Manager | Speaker | Advocate

Veteran, executive, minister, and professional development speaker, Jimmy has spent a lifetime dedicating himself to the service of others.  Having worked his way from the bottom, he understands the value of a positive influence in the lives of those struggling to find their way.  He has been feature in various media outlets including ABCNews and PBS, and has won many awards for his speaking and community involvement.  His passion makes him a dynamic speaker with a valuable message.  You can find out more about Jimmy at

Philadelphia, PA


Saudi Arabia/Canada

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CareerPath Global will best serve those who are tired of doing the career search alone, looking for community and personalized guidance directly from industry professionals to help establish a solid career path. 

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With a core group, of Path Experts; global recruiters, HR personnel, corporate executive, career coaches, and other industry professionals, CareerPath Global provides you with an extensive collection of interactive career knowledge, as well as a direct audience with Path Experts, to help guide you on your career journey.

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Opportunity.  CareerPath Global offers you the opportunity to escape the struggle of traditional job searching, providing you with a purposeful connection to industry professionals, taking your career journey to the next level.