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Why CareerPath Global 

We help you answer the question "What do I want to be when I grow up", with 10 different career development experts to help you find your path, develop your path, and stay on your path.

We know that turning your passion into something that can be a full time career takes time, but with the expertise of our Path Experts, we can help get you there faster.  And when life happens, we are here to help keep you on the path.  There's a better way to career.  

Welcome to CareerPath Global.

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My Story

CareerPath Global was designed for those who feel they may never actually have a career; for the people like me in the world.  Through my entire professional life, I felt like I've struggled to find a place where I was valued and reaching my full potential.  Coming into the professional world during the first recession in the early 2000's, living in the 6th hardest hit area of the U.S., I fought endlessly to find a company where my education, skills, and experience would be utilized and valued. By end of March 2020, I was laid-off due to COVID-19. 


This is where opportunity presented itself to build something bigger than myself.  CareerPath Global is the antithesis of the "I".  It's about bringing together the experience and knowledge of career professionals across the globe to help personally guide those desiring to establish a career.  My sincerest hope for everyone who joins CareerPath Global is that they leave finding themselves in a better position professionally and personally.

All my best,

Nicole Rand, MBA, CSP   

President & Founder CareerPath Global


Membership Path

Every journey is different and unique, and every journey deserves an experience tailored to them.  Get direct access and coaching from recruiters and HR personnel with a combined experience of over 100 years! 


CareerPath Global Trailblazer

Career Power

Joining CareerPath Global as a Trailblazer is for those who want to hit the ground running in their career journey, Your membership gives you full access to everything CareerPath has to offer.  With your monthly subscription you will gain access to:

  • Direct access to most Path Experts

  • Weekly herd sessions (10 or less path members) with Path Experts

  • Livestream events with Path Experts

  • Direct audience with recruiters & HR personnel

  • Industry expert guest speakers

  • Guiding articles and informationals

  • CareerPath Global support community


Path Members Experience


I was looking for some career guidance as my life season was changing. In working with Nicole, she was able to help me sift through my work experience and confidently build a roadmap for my next steps.

- Daisy S.


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